Our Approach

At LJ Gallagher PsyD & Associates, we share a passion for promoting health, harmony and happiness, integrating traditional therapies with cutting edge techniques from neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology. We aim to empower our clients to improve their quality of life, achieve their goals and support their well being.  We are dedicated to an excellent quality of care in all we do.


Therapy Services










​People spend a great deal of energy taking care of others and managing the world around them.  Individual therapy provides a space for self reflection, self discovery and personal growth that often isn’t available in the busy-ness of life.  Therapist and client work together in exploring current concerns and identifying steps for moving forward to create a more joyful, fulfilling life.




It is through relationships that we grow.  Yet, given the complexities of interpersonal interactions, forming deep, lasting relationships is challenging. Even the most solid marriages and partnerships are tested.  Couples therapy provides an opportunity for men and women to invest in building a healthy, vibrant relationship with one another. Counseling offers clients perspective and tools to turn their relationships into dynamic unions.





Family can be a source of tremendous strength, allowing for individual growth as well as connection and support between individuals.  However, given the unique feelings and perspectives of each person, as well as large and small challenges imposed by life, misunderstandings and distance can become overwhelming.  Family therapy explores dynamics within the family system, encouraging healthy communication, mutual understanding and compassionate connections, allowing family members opportunity to flourish separately as well as a team.

Making the decision to begin therapy takes courage.  By processing thoughts and feelings, counseling gives adults the opportunity to gain perspective, discover new solutions and take inspired action toward their goals.
Being a teenager isn’t easy.  Academic demands, social stressors, changing emotions and uncertainty about the future can make life difficult to navigate.  Therapy with adolescents is centered around supporting a teen’s sense of individuality and self esteem, gaining problem solving skills, as well as nurturing supportive connections with family.
Every parent wants the best for their child.  Sometimes,  emotional and behavioral issues can become overwhelming for even the most experienced parent.  Therapy can help children recognize and express their feelings, become more self confident and manage frustration with increased ease.  Parents often feel more empowered to help support and guide their children through the course of treatment.

Professional Services


Clinical Supervision







​Dr. Gallagher supports clinicians in their professional and personal development, as it impacts their therapeutic work with clients.  He promotes a coherent, flexible and skillful approach to treatment, encouraging therapists in their strengths and supporting them in areas for growth.

Program Presentations & Educational Workshops






Dr. Gallagher speaks to groups on a wide range of topics including thriving after difficulty, men’s issues, strengthening relationships, concerns of the elderly, as well as differential diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders,